Saturday, November 8, 2008

Work, evenings out and Christmas is in the air

So, I have to work every weekend day...and I would really prefer not to.  It is an easy job.  I sit in a maternity boutique selling clothes to the pregnant women on Los Angeles.  I work alone when I am there so days like today can get REALLY long when no one comes in.  Scratch that....the mailman came in to tell me that there was no mail today.  EXCITING!!  I couldn't wait to go home.  It can get pretty lonely.  Jamie picked me up at 6 pm and decided to take me to The Grove.  It is an outdoor shopping complex in Hollywood.  It was a really beautiful, cool night and they were beginning to decorate for Christmas.  I love Christmas.  Just the way it feels.  The crispness of the air..yes even in just smells like Christmas.  The lights put off a warm glow.  I confess to having my Christmas tree up from last Christmas until June-July this year.  I am insane.  Why did I even take it down?  I kept it up so long because we needed a lamp but it was also because I like the way a Christmas tree makes a room feel.  LOVE it!  Can't wait to put mine up again soon!  

Maybe tomorrow I can put up some pics of the pumpkins Jamie and I carved for Halloween this year.  I have to figure this whole blogging thing out first.

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Jennifer said...

Welcome to bloggy world!! :) I love your title.